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Lodging Magazine

I've worked in the DC Metro area since 1995, performing a variety of marketing and graphic design services, expanding my knowledge and skill set with each opportunity.​

September 1997 — November 2002

I was the Production Manager of Lodging Magazine at the American Hotel & Lodging Association in Washington, DC. The national travel trade publication had 60,000 monthly distribution and annual ad sales of $3 million in 2001.

Additional publications included: Lodging F&B, Lodging Buyers Guide, IBM-sponsored Hospitality Technology Review, International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show Program, and related supplements.


I designed advertisements for Lodging Magazine, Lodging F&B, Lodging News, Lodging Law, Lodging HR, and Lodging Buyers Guide.

Using AdMate software, I entered all advertising contracts, handled all advertising material, reviewed proofs, and participated in press checks to ensure accurate color quality.​


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